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Hong Kong Craft Beer Guide

Hong Kong Craft Beer Guide

I’ve done the hard yards — crawled the bars, downed the pints and filled backpacks to the brim with tinnies — to bring you this definitive guide of the best watering holes and bottle shops in Hong Kong. ​

How to enjoy craft beer

Change is Brewing

Sip and say, “I do” with these Australian brewers that are committed to flavour and equality.

The Tinny Renaissance​

​In the spirit of innovation, discovery and all things beer I’m going to share with you the top six reasons why the tinny renaissance is here to stay.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day without green beer

If green beer and novelty hats no longer strike you as endearing, we can help you out. This Top Ten list of craft beers — ya we’re doing a listicle — is sure to be a delicious choice on St Patty’s Day — no Irish luck required!

A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying Craft Beer Without Sounding Like a Dickhead

So if we’ve got you raising your glass and ready to hop on the good times
train, we’ve prepared a guide to help you retire your tinnie of Carlton Draught.
Beginner's guide to enjoying beer
Satire article Froth Magazine
Swipe right for stemware
Why we're in love with FB pixels
Stop hunting FB likes
Top 4 reasons to install a FB pixel

A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying Craft Beer 

Amber Smith takes us through some top tips to enjoying a tasty tipple.

Melbourne Man Arrested For Operating A Brewery Without A Beard

“All he wanted to serve were simple, plain-jane beers”, said a hirsute brewer who wished to remain anonymous, “what are we supposed to pair that with?! I want to see turmeric latte turbo stouts infused with Caramello Koala essence and fermented in a barrel made of reclaimed wood from a beloved childhood cubbyhouse.”

Swipe Right For Stemware

If we can all agree that, for the love of all things hoppy, we should be pouring our beers into glassware, the next question is: what glass should we use? Should my sessionable IPA find its home in the same vessel as my boozy imperial stout? Why does it matter?

Why we're in love with Facebook Pixels​

If you don’t have a Facebook pixel installed on your website we’ve got one question for you – why? 

Stop Hunting Facebook Likes -- Rethinking Facebook Marketing

But these days paying for Page Likes is a bit like owning a Ferrari and never driving it—it’s a waste of such a beautiful, sophisticated piece of engineering.

Top 4 reasons to install a Facebook pixel

If you haven’t already converted to the Pixel side, here are the top four reasons every brand on Facebook needs to install a Facebook pixel—no exceptions!
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